Saturday, 28 June 2014

Men’s: Peace. Comme des Garcons SS15

20140628-063502 PM-66902454.jpg

About the crazy shoes: for a hundred or so years, from the late 14th century onward, a fashion persisted in Europe for a style of shoe called the krakow, with a toe so extravagantly long (called a poulaine) that it sometimes needed a whalebone or a string tied to the knee to keep it from getting in the way while its wearer was walking. About the idea of the collection: it was Rei Kawabuko's demonstration against war, violence and bad things happening around the world. With words like Peace, Empathy or Love, Rei made the Comme des Garcons show for men much more poetical and political. Hopefully she will help fashion to provide support against epidemical violence around the world: but the shoes are still a interesting thing to debate about…20140628-064238 PM-67358354.jpg20140628-064238 PM-67358527.jpg

20140628-064238 PM-67358704.jpg

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Original source: Design & Culture by Ed

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